TRAFINZ conference

MSAC brings a "bike's eye view of the road" to the 2013 Trafinz Conference, held in Rotorua in early September

Safer roads and roadsides

TRAFINZ is an annual conference for New Zealand roading engineers and authorities, and an excellent opportunity for MSAC to promote the unique safety issues faced by motorcyclists on New Zealand's roads. We had a captive audience of the people who are responsible for how our roads are designed, engineered, and maintained.

MSAC sponsored a motorcyle safety component of the conference, which meant conference attendees spent an afternoon focussed on motorcycle safety. This was our main objective for being involved in the conference: to increase the profile of motorcycle safety with the people who have the most influence on our roads.


Mark Gilbert interviews Raphael Grzebieta about roadside barriers
Mark Gilbert interviews Raphael Grzebieta about roadside barriers

MSAC presenters

We brought three motorcycle safety experts to speak at the conference. Each one is a respected expert in road engineering for improved motorcycle safety. MSAC Chair, Mark Gilbert, kicked off the motorcycle safety session by introducing the Council, and its role in overseeing the levy spend.

Professor Raphael Grzebieta, Chair of Road Safety at the NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre, presented his research on motorcycle safety and roadside barriers.

Kenn Beer, Manager of Planning for VicRoads Eastern Victoria, presented a number of motorcycle safety measures that have been applied to popular motorcycling routes in Victoria, Australia, and could help improve motorcycle safety on New Zealand roads.

Bruce Corben, road safety consultant presented the work done on mapping the South Coromandel Loop for motorcycle safety issues, and proposed a number of measures that could improve safety for motorcyclists on that road.

Speaker profiles and some of the presentation material is available on the Trafinz website.