Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly Part 1

The people who design, build and maintain our roads can have a huge influence on how safe they are – or aren't – for riding. There are many ways they can make New Zealand’s roads safer for motorcyclists. This booklet provides the blueprint.

Safer roads and roadsides

Safer roads and roadsides are a priority for the Council. We recognise that the people who design, construct and maintain New Zealand's roads can have an enormous influence on motorcycle safety, so we have published this booklet for them. It will make them aware of the impact their decisions have on those of us travelling on two wheels, and we hope to see fewer hazards and safer roads as a result. 

Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly reflects not only best practice from overseas, but also draws from our local learning from work on the Southern Coromandel Loop pilot project. We worked closely with our colleagues from NZTA and Vic Roads, and could not have completed this project without their support. 

Presenting the findings

New Zealand roads would be a lot safer for motorcycles if they engineered and maintained based on recommendations from this publication. With this in mind, we are planning seminars to present the recommendations in Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly to roading engineers, contractors and roading authorities around the country.