Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly Part 2

The Council recognised the need for an open targeted, easy-to-read guide to the issues faced by motorcyclists on the roads.

Safer roads and roadsides

The more motorcycle-friendly the road, the more survivable the crashes and the more lives saved.”

Mark Gilbert, MSAC Chair addressing roading professionals in Auckland 9/2/15.

A document was developed which was built on by our Australian sister agencies by the New Zealand Transport Agency using specific examples of the common hazards on New Zealand roads.

Download Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly –

To further reinforce the messages contained in the document, the Council held a series of five half-day seminars across New Zealand.


The Council brought international expert Kenn Beer to New Zealand to deliver the seminars which were attended by local engineers, designers, planners and road managers to better understand the needs of motorcyclists.

Kenn is seen as an expert in the road engineering field and has managed over $20 million on infrastructure improvements to specifically reduce road trauma for motorcyclists in Victoria.  In the seminars he reinforced the New Zealand perspective outlined in the document. 

Over 200 roading professionals came to listen to the challenging and thought-provoking seminars.  The Council will evaluate the effectiveness of the seminars on them being an educational tool for taking safety the safety needs of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds into account when making decisions regarding the road network.

Download Kenn Beer’s presentation below along with links to the videos that were shown in the presentation.

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Seminar participants requested the link to the report by the Road Markers Federation on Rumble Strips.
View the Rumble Strips report (PDF158K) on the New Zealand Road Markers Federation website.

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Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly - A New Zealand perspective

Julian Chisnall a National Traffic & Safety Engineer from the Highways & Network Operations Group at the New Zealand Transport Agency in New Zealand presented a paper at the Transportation Research Board meeting of the AFB 20 "Roadside Safety Design and Devices" research committee on March 26 in Melbourne Australia. The papers will be collated and written up as a "TRB Research Circular". View the Transportation Research Board website.