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Do you think a free emergency information card scheme in New Zealand is a good idea?

1 Sep 2015

MSAC is looking into the possibility of introducing a free emergency information card scheme in New Zealand.  We’d like your feedback to see if the idea is feasible and whether motorcyclists will support it. 

Read on to see what we’re thinking about.  Click here to take our short survey – it’s just four quick questions.  The survey is open until 31 October 2015.

Here’s what we’re thinking about

We’re thinking of introducing an emergency information card scheme that would provide emergency services (Fire, Ambulance and Police) with your vital contact and health information in the event that you crash.  The idea is based on the CRASH card introduced in the UK in 2009 by the Ambulance Motorcycle Club (and other similar schemes around the world).

Motorcyclists would get a free emergency information card, fill in their relevant contact and medical information, place the waterproof card inside the lining of their helmet as a medical alert and stick a small dot on the outside of the helmet.   

There are three aspects to the card initiative:

  1. The rider’s details on the card provide vital information for attending ambulance crew if the rider has an accident, saving valuable time and helping treatment especially if the rider is unconscious or unable to communicate. 
  2. The card might also have a safety message.  The CRASH card has the mnemonic “CRASH” (Caution, Road, Accident, Serious and Help) - helpful advice if a rider comes across an accident. 
  3. A small waterproof sticker (supplied with the card and safe for use on helmets) is placed on the rider’s helmet which alerts emergency responders that a card is carried inside the lining of the helmet. 

For more information about the CRASH card initiative, see http://www.crashcard.co.uk/index.htm or http://bikernisafetycard.org/.

Click here to tell us what you think about introducing a similar scheme for New Zealand riders.