MSAC hails MotoCAP launch as a step in right direction

The Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Programme (MotoCAP), which launched this month, signals a step in the right direction according to MSAC Chair Mark Gilbert.

19 Sep 2018

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MotoCAP is a world first ratings system for motorcycle clothing that gives motorcycle gear two separate star ratings – one for protection and one for comfort.

“MotoCAP is leading the way by helping riders to make informed choices about the gear they choose. It’s great having the safety and comfort aspects taken into consideration because wearability matters,” says Mr Gilbert.

“Having a world first system like this for motorcycle gear is great for riders. Wearing good gear is important for motorcyclists and scooter riders as it reduces the impact of a crash,” Mr Gilbert says.

“It also builds on the authoritative work done in UK and elsewhere to provide riders with the information they need to buy quality, safety rated gear.”

The protection star rating system considers performance in abrasion resistance, seam strength and impact protection, while the comfort rating is based on how comfortable the clothing is to wear in warmer conditions. The UK SHARP helmet safety rating system provides comfort and safety ratings to help riders make an informed choice.

MotoCAP testing was carried out by Deakin University in Australia, led by road safety agencies in Australia and in New Zealand by ACC, with support from MSAC.

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