MSAC GPS Submission

MSAC comment on the Draft GPS May 2018.

27 Apr 2018

Dear Hon. Minister Genter,

I attach the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council submission on the Transport GPS2018.

I have also included more detailed submission items, that were contained in a letter sent last year and linked to the Transport GPS2017.

These comments and recommendations are still relevant we believe. 

We welcome the increased focus on Road Safety, and wish to see a stronger focus, perhaps linked to the suggestions in our earlier letter- 31 March 2017.

This is necessitated as a result of:

1) The increase in road deaths attributed to motorcycle accidents in 2018.

2) The evidence that fake Shoei (a brand of safety helmet) helmets are entering NZ- likely to be the first of many. Helmets are the only regulated safety rider equipment in NZ and to have fake versions clearly compromises safety outcomes.

 It is for these reasons that we ask you to consider unbundling motorcyclists from being wrapped up with “other road users” and create a high risk category where interventions and opportunities can be clearly identified, agreed and funded. 

MSAC can assist you as we are all motorcyclists, and also represent the voice of motorcycling in NZ.

The Draft GPS mentions in section 2.2 Clause 43- about ABS for motorcycles and possible new rider licensing rules. ABS can be implemented with the stroke of a pen. Its taking far too long for this to happen.

Rider licensing changes are needed, especially at the entry point end- up to 50cc bikes. These riders just need a car drivers licence. Its quite obvious that the skills required to drive a car are quite different to those required to ride a bike. We definitely believe that a well trained motorcycle rider will make a good driver! Perhaps this needs further consideration.

Finally, with the advent of ebikes, and the speeds these are capable of, the scooter, moped, ebike, motorcycle categorisation is becoming blurred. Perhaps a reclassification of all these to P2W (Powered two wheelers) should be considered as a new category, identified with a high risk focus.

We are happy to engage with you on developing good strategic outcomes that can benefit the safety of motorcyclists in New Zealand.

Mark Gilbert

Chair, MSAC