Motorcycle safety summit update

A special two day MSAC meeting was convened on the 3, 4 April to discuss the outputs from the Ride & Decide motorcycle safety summit. The session was well attended and included senior representatives from ACC, NZTA, MOT, Police, AA, TRAFINZ and motorcycle clubs.

3 Apr 2018

The discussions highlighted the renewed focus by the government on road safety which has seen motorcycle safety move up the agenda. Plans are still being developed, but a significant programme of work is already underway in the areas of roads, regulation and training.

Janice Millman, MSAC Deputy Chair, said “Clearly everyone involved in motorcycle safety understands that change will only be achieved through engagement. The sessions created an opportunity for both agencies and motorcyclist to increase their understanding of the issues. We now need to collectively turn this understanding in to better outcomes for road users”.

MSAC were also joined briefly by the Hon Iain Lees Galloway, ACC Minister, for an introductory chat during one of the breaks (picture).

“The government is clearly listening. So we need to ensure that our message is clear and evidence based,” Mark Gilbert Chair said.

A summary report of the April MSAC meeting can be found below: