Motorcycle Awareness Month

Motorcycle Awareness Month starts in September and signals the start of the riding season. MSAC is working to make this a regular on the road safety campaign calendar, and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever.

22 Aug 2019

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As well as targeting drivers, the campaign seeks to remind motorcyclists what they can do to keep themselves safe when they return to regular riding. "We strongly advise riders to check that they and their motorcycles are 'ride ready' before they get back on their bikes", said Janice Millman, MSAC Deputy Chair. "More than a half of motorcyclists get their bikes out of the garage and on to the road after the winter break, so it's important to remind drivers that more of us are about and to to look out for us. The message to riders is equally important," she said. "We recommend getting your motorcycle professionally serviced and doing a refresher course or getting some on-road coaching from a qualified trainer. If cost is factor, then booking a Ride Forever course is probably the best bet".

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Photo credit: Ambassadors Avalon Biddle and Mike Pero

MAM19 officially gets underway in Auckland on Saturday 31st August at Cyclespot Barry’s Point Road between 10.30am and 12pm. The campaign will be launched by our ambassadors Avalon Biddle and Mike Pero. Alan Petrie and Janice Millman will be there representing the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC). As well as giveaways and spot prizes, Cyclespot is offering a 20% discount on all gear purchased during the launch. Motormax will be there offering riders an opportunity to get their bike checked to ensure it's ride ready. The Auckland launch will kick off a number of Motorcycle Awareness Month events around the country.

To find out about events near you, keep an eye on the Ride Forever Events page. Get ready to ride!

MAM is a Motor Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) initiative supported by ACC and Auckland Transport (AT)

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