Consultation on mandating ABS

The government is proposing a law change to make ABS compulsory for motorcycles entering the fleet. The new rule will apply to motorcycles over 125cc. MSAC is supportive of the change which was recommended to government following our 2018 Motorcycle Safety Summit. ABS is a proven technology which will helps save lives. Full details of the consultation can be found here...

25 Mar 2019

If approved, the law change would apply to all new-model new motorcycles entering the fleet from 1 November 2019. Current-model new motorcycles and imported used motorcycles entering the fleet would need to have ABS from 1 November 2021.

Several exceptions are proposed including for classic and collectable motorcycles. There would be no requirement to retrofit ABS to existing motorcycles already in use.

As you may be aware, international studies suggest ABS could reduce crashes by more than a third. As crashes involving motorcyclists often result in death or serious injury this will have an immediate and significant safety benefit.

Many countries already have, or will be, introducing compulsory fitting of ABS on motorcycles.

Consultation information

The proposed changes are set out in the Land Transport Rule: Light-vehicle Brakes 2019 being released for public consultation to ensure all stakeholders and the public can have their say. All feedback will be taken in to account before a final decision is made.

Consultation closes at 5pm Friday 26 April 2019.

The consultation material, along with information on how to submit, will be available from 12 mid-day on the Transport Agency’s website at:

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Learn more about ABS research here