About us

MSAC’s role is to make sure ACC spends the levy on initiatives that will make riding on New Zealand roads safer and to align with the Motorcycle Safety Strategy.

The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) was established in 2011 by the then Minister for ACC. The Council operates independently from ACC.

Our vision

It’s our vision to make sure motorcycling increasingly becomes a safe travel choice. We do this by focusing on the Motorcycle Safety Strategy’s key focus areas:

  • Human factors
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Vehicle technology
  • Rider skills
  • Roads and roadsides

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Our role

Our role is to provide independent assurance to the Minister of ACC (or Associate Minister) that ACC is effectively investing the Motorcycle Safety levy.

We have up to eight members, including a Chair and Deputy Chair appointed by the Minister for ACC. Our assurance role requires us to provide the Minister with confidence that ACC:

  • has a robust, evidence-based strategy in place to reduce the volume and severity of motorcycle injuries
  • captures and integrates the voice of motorcyclists into the Motorcycle Safety Strategy and programmes we deliver
  • fully invests the MSL and provides transparency about the benefit of investments to the motorcycle community
  • tracks the performance of the strategy and its programmes and monitors if the volume and severity of motorcycle injuries are reduced
  • has processes and systems in place to ensure government agents work together to reduce the volume and severity of motorcycle injuries.

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Our members

Our Council members:

  • Colin McGregor – Chair
  • Garry Williams – Deputy Chair
  • Fale (Andrew) Lesa JP – Member
  • Alan Petrie – Member
  • Maarama Davis – Member 
  • David Golightly – Member

Our Terms of Reference

Our Terms of Reference outline the Council’s purpose, role, activities, membership, skills, and support, and reporting mechanisms.

Read the MSAC Terms of Reference 

Contact us

Contact us if you have questions or feedback.

Email: msac@acc.co.nz