About us

The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) is a group of motorcyclists passionate about motorcycling.

Set up in 2011, our chief aim is to advise on how the Motorcycle Safety Levy (MSL) fund should be spent to help make riding safer for riders. We do this by engaging with motorcyclists, and advising and recommending safety initiatives and programmes to ACC, the holders of the fund.

Our vision: motorcycling as a safe travel choice

With 70,000 more registered bikes and scooters on our roads than there were ten years ago, there’s never been a more pressing need for education and action around motorcycle safety. With that in mind, our vision is to make sure motorcycle and scooter riding become increasingly safe travel choices. We do this by focusing our work on five key areas of motorcycle road safety:

  • Rider skills.
  • Human factors.
  • Vehicle technology.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Roads and roadsides.

This aligns with three of the safe system areas in the Government’s Safer Journeys road safety strategy 2010-2020:

  • Safer roads and roadsides
  • Safer vehicles
  • Safer road users

This year, motorcycling was named as one of the four priority areas of the Safer Journeys Action Plan 2016 – 2020. This recognises its importance to road safety as a whole.

Raising awareness through engagement

To increase awareness about the unique needs of motorcyclists we actively engage with road safety agencies and roading authorities such as the NZ Transport Agency, the Ministry of Transport, NZ Police, and ACC. We also have productive working relationships with industry groups such as the Motor Industry Association (MIA) and AA. Our goal is to extend this further, e.g. to local government.

Drawing on our passion and experience as motorcyclists we believe we are perfectly placed to make a difference and reduce the incidence and impact of injuries to motorcyclists.


MSAC members

  • Mark Gilbert Chair


    Mark started riding in Timaru circa 1968. Back then he had a Suzuki 50cc Step-Through that he rode between home, school and work. Very quickly he was hooked. While the Managing Director at BMW NZ, he had the pick of their fleet, but now co-shares a Vespa 250GTI with his son. 

    Mark is also the Owner/Director of Insight Perspective Limited.  He also holds Governance roles at Auckland Transport, Drive Electric, Appliance Connexion Limited, DEKRA NZ, NZ Winegrowers Research, Eltrade Industries, Battery Industry Group and he is also on the Electric Vehicle Leadership group at MOT.  He was formerly President of the NZ Motor Industry Association Inc. 

  • David Golightly

    david golightly

    David has been involved in motorcycle safety for more than 20 years and has strong networks among motorcycle dealerships, motorcycle riding instructors and motorcycle distributors.

    He manages a successful motorcycle insurance business that puts him in direct contact with more than 5,000 motorcyclists. 

  • Alan Petrie

    alan petrie

    Alan has been involved in rider safety, education, policy, and community engagement through his former role as General Manager of Blue Wing Honda. He has a keen interest in motorcycle safety and is an active motorcyclist.

    Alan has a strong background in leadership roles within the private sector and has financial, compliance, strategic planning and marketing experience.

For more information, see our Terms of Reference.